Workforce and Quality Management Solutions

Workforce Management and Quality Specialist Operational Support Services

Our Workforce Management (WFM) and Quality Specialist Services create active intelligence as a positive catalyst for total business and customer experience transformation.

Our Specialist Operational Support Services perform the role of a “Cortex” within the Contact Centre – providing superior, forward thinking active intelligence which equips key contact centre stakeholders to take targeted, meaningful action to affect and transform the service experience offered to their customers.

We use the most innovative tools and advanced analytics to optimise customer journeys to mine intelligence for targeted optimisation and value creation opportunities.

Our WFM and Quality specialist services include the functional management of WFM and/or Quality services through outsource as well as specialist consulting, training and best practice analysis.

With numerous local and international awards under our belt for both our Quality and WFM services, Merchants is renowned for being the hub of specialist WFM and Quality expertise.

Quality Management

In an era of rapid digitalisation progressive Quality Management is a business imperative to ensure the effective management and transformation of customer experience.

Evolutionary service transformation is achieved by creating the perfect synergy between the experience offered by your people, products, processes and technology.

At Merchants we recognise that in addition to continuously improving customer experience, the successful achievement of business objectives as well as the mitigation of regulatory risk are key considerations.

For this reason we deploy total Quality Management, specialist training and consulting services to equip you to address all customer and business objectives effectively.

Our Quality Management solutions will equip your business to:

Leverage Active Intelligence to prioritise, design and execute targeted service improvement initiatives.

Proactively engineer a seamless multi-channel customer experience.

Increase First Contact Resolution, Net Promoter and Customer Satisfaction performance.

Actively reduce regulatory risk.

Reduce Customer Effort and optimise Business Efficiency.

Workforce Management

Reduce your costs, maximise your growth and ensure you continue to deliver a positive customer impact by increasing productivity and upskilling the right staff.

Workforce management helps you to develop and optimise your workforce productivity through insightful planning. Along with providing outsourced WFM specialist operational support services; we are also able to offer specialist WFM training for your team, performance analysis and forecasting optimisation initiatives. Short, medium and long-term capacity planning, strategy and leveraging data insights to get the best out of your business in order to secure future growth. As with all our services, you choose from our flexible range of options to suit your specific business needs.

Our Workforce Management solutions will deliver:

The perfect staffing complement for your Contact Centre at any given time and for any given period.

Maximise productivity levels delivering a saving directly to your bottom line.

Proactively plan and mitigate for political, economic and environmental impacts.

Deploying WFM services that deliver active intelligence creating the ability to prioritise, design and execute targeted service improvement in efficiencies, customer experience and regulatory compliance.

To find out how our workforce management and quality management solutions can help drive efficiency and reduce costs, please be in touch with us.

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