Technology & Infrastructure Services

Technology & Infrastructure Services

As customer demands propel us into a digital future, your business needs to keep up. Yet the investment and risk could be too high, which may leave you with outdated technology and infrastructure.

By working with Merchants, your company gains access to the latest technology and infrastructure to support your customers, where you’ll look forward to:

– An optimised customer management solution

We manage all essential elements of a contact centre, and will work with you to ensure it fits with your IT infrastructure. Through expert consulting, we’ll advise you on your digital business needs, how to equip for the right size and capacity, and how to manage your customer data better to grow revenue. You’ll also benefit from optimised self-service, a single view of customers and enjoy more flexibility and control on any platform.

– Flexible options and lower costs

Merchants gives you the choice of technology, equipment, training and reliable staff to successfully deliver a cost-effective contact centre solution. Backed by the best stable technology providers in the business, you choose the solution that best fits your business, including:

Robust, flexible and secure infrastructure solutions.

Access to the best technology skills, vendor partnerships and app developments.

Business intelligence solutions and advanced analytics.

Using existing technology optimally, and only updating what you really need.

Building a Contact Centre Timelapse

– Contact centre facilities

We are experts in creating on-site, hosted or as-a-service solutions for your contact centre. As well as being able to provide the property and infrastructure to suit your workforce needs, our team will advise you on compliance planning, design and how best to provide excellent customer care through a people-friendly environment.

Let’s Work Together

If you are looking for a business partner that stands by your side and is more than just an Outsource provider. Contact us to find the best way to work together.

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To find out how best to use your existing business tools and innovative technology to deliver easy, positive and brilliant customer experiences, please contact us.