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Recruitment and Selection SAAS

As we move into the 4th Industrial Revolution, we know how important it is to streamline processes for a digital future.  That’s why Merchants has built an in-house solution called “MyCalling”. Its aim: to provide recruitment teams with a software-as-a-service capability (SAAS), to help with  shortlisting, screening and invitation processes, to attract new talent.

A growing talent repository

MyCalling’s talent repository is a constantly growing platform that sees thousands of new employment seekers registering every week.  For organisations that need to scale over weeks, this is a major strategic advantage. Through its streamlined UX, employment seekers can  complete a digital CV in under 15 minutes, before being added automatically to the MyCalling recruiter database. Employment seeks can also  upload introductory videos and a wide array of supporting documentation. That means recruiters can search and filter through talent in a matter of minutes,  to find the ideal candidate to meet their operational requirements.  

Redefining traditional recruitment

The MyCalling solution challenges traditional recruitment models that require a 1-Application-for-1-Role approach. New employment seekers, who register on the MyCalling platform, are not simply applying for one opportunity at a time – they’re  expanding their opportunities with all MyCalling recruiting partners. 

Operational Baselining & MI

The MyCalling solution helps you “Baseline” your  operation – giving your business the opportunity to place existing staff through the MyCalling AIMS (Automated Interview Marketing Solution) module.   In one click, this process can be re-engineered to help recruitment teams to sort talent based on alignment with existing functions, while giving them valuable MI into the roles they are recruiting for.

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