Contact Centre Outsourcing

Contact Centre Outsourcing

Your customer experience is the key to powerful connection with real people, at the right time and in the right way. Customers expect the same high-quality service across every channel, yet your business needs to do more with less. As you seek innovative solutions to meet evolving/flexing customer demands.

We can help you face the following challenges:

Deliver a seamless, high quality customer experience to every customer.

Drive operational efficiency when you lack the internal skills and resources.

Best use technology for a truly powerful digital experience/ stay digitally relevant.

Stay in control, manage business risk, and show a clear return on investment.

Generate more sales revenue through better insight, decisions and more innovation.

Improve customer satisfaction and resolution rates, while reducing contact costs/ service costs.

Going beyond technology to knowledge of how to make digital work

When you outsource your customer service to us, you’re gaining a trusted partner with a passion for easy, positive and brilliant customer experiences. Our multi-channel contact centres serve your business, using the right blend of people and technology to deliver on your brand promises. As contact centre specialists, we make it our business to know what works and how to get you there. Working with Merchants, you’ll look forward to:

Working with Merchants, you’ll look forward to:

Optimised contact centre environments focused on digital innovation/ digital customer experience.

Our expertise in solving your operational issues and business processes.

Access to the best people and technology, at the right price.

Excellent analytics for better decision making.

Reduced cost to serve and improved retention.

A clear ROI, less risk and real results.

Sales Practice

The success of your business depends on your ability to grow revenue and minimise costs. As everyone else in the marketplace tries to do the same thing, you need a smart sales solution that meets your customer needs at the right time through Outbound sales activities.

Growing Revenue And Managing Costs

As customer service specialists, Merchants will help grow your revenue, and give you greater business control. As your brand ambassadors, we’ll give you a tailored solution that deliver:

Rapid, scalable speed to market through a shared environment.

Higher B2B and B2C sales across all channels – including email, social media and chatbots.

Lower acquisition costs, specialist training, and an innovative sales model/ approach.

Smart Sales Solutions Built On Relationships

Giving you instant access to our skilled multi-channel sales teams, our innovative sales solutions which build revenue through strong customer relationships. We’ll help you and reach your targets through:

Campaign-driven, high-end sales that go beyond scripts to a need-based approach.

Advanced customer intelligence and predictive behaviour modelling.

Empowered people, smart processes and relevant products.

A Trusted Partner Invested In Your Success

Whatever your industry, we’ll look after your business and customers as our own. We focus on quick implementations, and our team of customer service specialists will work with you to understand your specific customer, operational and business goals.

Our partnership approach means our targets are aligned with yours, and we’ll transform your customer relationships, as we drive quality service, sales and your digital business needs.

To find out how our flexible outsourcing solutions can help you boost revenue through qualified sales, business intelligence and brilliant customer relationships, please be in touch with us.

Let’s Work Together

If you are looking for a business partner that stands by your side and is more than just an Outsource provider. Contact us to find the best way to work together.

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