Welcome to the future of recruitment – MyCalling

Welcome to the future of recruitment – MyCalling

South Africa’s employment landscape is notoriously competitive, as the country battles an unemployment rate of 29.1% and a youth unemployment rate of 7.6%. With 687 000 school leavers and 203 000 university graduates annually, the country also possesses a huge talent pool. The question, then, is how best to connect local talent with businesses looking to hire in the most effective way?

MyCalling is a full digital recruitment and job seeker marketing platform, unique to the global recruitment market. It serves as a way for job seekers to showcase their talent and skills directly to organisations looking to attain talent through a free digital solution. For businesses, the platform allows them to move away from their HR department having to sort through thousands of CV’s each year, and presents them with a solution that puts the power in the recruiting managers hands – allowing them to identify and resonate with the best talent, and invite them directly to an interview. Essentially, the tool makes the world of recruitment simpler and easier for all those involved. 

Benefits for Recruiters and Businesses

For businesses, a values-based approach to hiring increases performance, enhances collaboration, improves morale, and creates a stable culture. MyCalling offers:

1. A modern recruitment process, and a new source of talent.

Given that the solution is on-line and automated, much of the manual effort involved in the candidate attraction, marketing and CV administration is removed completely. This delivers measurable efficiencies within the business’ recruitment process. 

There are also no constraints to the number of candidates that can undergo the automated interview process. The pre-screening filters directly improve the quality of candidates you should be considering. As a result the organisation can evaluate a much broader base of candidates and improve the identification of potential new talent dramatically.

2. Customisable searches.

The automated interview marketing solution (AIMS) process allows employers to generate customised baselines in terms of traits like discipline, empathy, logical thinking, self-motivated, and outcome orientated, for example, in order to ensure the best talent acquisition in line with the business’ needs. 

3. Effective talent management

All candidate data is stored in a secure data repository that can be accessed and analysed at any time. It also allows the employer to build a strong database of candidates for their future resourcing needs and/or to access public data within our public domain.

4. Consistency and objectivity

The solution enables a consistent and uniform approach to all candidates applying for roles, by removing the element of subjectivity and personal bias in the shortlisting process.

Benefits for Job Seekers

Many unemployed South Africans do not have the resources available to develop, print and hand out their CVs. Creating a digital CV on MyCalling can be done with less than a megabyte of data. MyCalling offers:

1. A digital CV

The MyCalling digital CV design is unique to the global market and allows job seekers to upload a short video introducing themselves to future employers – making a first impression possible through the platform. 

The process only takes 15 minutes, for a CV that continually markets you for multiple positions that fit your profile – removing the need to apply for multiple positions.

2. Simplified Career Changes

MyCalling provides job seekers with the opportunity to move through industries and career types, by marketing job seekers to new talent-seeking employers. With MyCalling you have the power to select the opportunities that suit YOU.

3. Highlights Your Strengths

Rather than focusing on educational qualifications and work as differentiators, the MyCalling digital CV will show employers a full view of you as an individual, promoting your distinctive features to future employers.

In terms of providing opportunities for South African job seekers, MyCalling has been successful in filling 6000 job opportunities in the last 24 months, with 74% of candidates placed being younger than 35. The platform also provided positive opportunities for candidates with no previous work experience – accounting for 15% of candidates placed. For businesses, MyCalling has contributed to a 72% cost saving per placement as well as an 11% reduction in attrition. 

The current climate for recruitment in South Africa presents a growing opportunity for employers to attract and recruit people with the right talent and potential across industries. While the traditional recruitment methodologies give only 20% of job seekers access to engaging with organisations, MyCalling provides a free digital solution to attract and aggregate jobseeker data.

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