Using The Right Technology To Serve People Not The Other Way Around

Using The Right Technology To Serve People Not The Other Way Around

As recent stories predict a bleak future for human employees, where millions of jobs are displaced by machines, many believe that robots will eventually render humans useless. Yet, once upon a time people feared that computers and the internet would leave vast numbers of people unemployed, but it had the opposite effect. In fact, today there are jobs we didn’t even imagine 30 years ago.

At first glance, automation statistics may seem worrying. But rather than destroying jobs, robotics and AI are transforming jobs in a positive way – where employees are happier, more challenged and enjoying a better quality work experience.

Are robots better than humans?

Most businesses are looking to use AI and robots to solve a range of challenges. From streamlining customer experiences to reducing resolution times, automation is helping agents work more efficiently, while driving improved productivity levels.

As with the internet, these modern technologies are actually boosting employment opportunities and enabling humans to focus on more rewarding tasks that add value to the business. In customer interactions, bots and AI technologies aren’t replacing humans – rather, they’re enhancing the delivery of the human touch.

For companies, this is a win-win situation – where employees are happy and more productive, and routine tasks are handled faster and more efficiently.

How can robotics and AI improve the workplace?

A World Economic Forum study has predicted that ‘machines and algorithms in the workplace could add up to 58 million new jobs in the next few years,’ while in PwC’s Global Artificial Intelligence Study: Exploiting the AI Revolution, ‘AI is expected to contribute up to $15 trillion to global GDP by 2030.’

For businesses that see customer experience as a differentiator, the quick wins are clear – especially when used to streamline and enhance specific call types and processes. For agents, an augmentation strategy will mean more freedom to add value by engaging customers in conversation and representing the brand.

Better job satisfaction

Humans aren’t designed for repetition and routine, which is why automation happens at the level of specific work tasks (not jobs). That’s why AI and machine learning will change jobs for the better by:

  • Removing monotonous tasks to free up more creative, strategic and innovative thinking
  • Promoting work life balance by enabling people to add value where it’s needed most
  • Enhancing the development of more complex skills needed in future customer experiences
  • Giving millennial workers more flexibility in work schedules and access to self-management
  • Providing easier access for agents to multiple real-time data sources
  • Identifying knowledge gaps, and targeting training for agents at a lower costs
  • Creating effective teams that enable recognition and growth
  • Enabling businesses to actively reskill and up skill existing workforces for career growth

Better productivity

With around 70% of the customer journey revolving around process, it makes sense to use technology to free up agents from most of the data processing, verbal information capture and information search tasks to deliver:

  • An improved customer experience by augmenting the work of human agents
  • Boosted revenues and efficiency in speed, accuracy and output volume
  • More time for humans to plan and work on higher-value tasks
  • Growth in profit and expansion as administrative tasks are outsourced to machines

A better customer experience

When experienced agents have more time to do what they do best, customers AND agents are more engaged and satisfied. And while generational issues are still a factor – where millennials are happy to interact with technology and older generations still prefer to talk to a human – choice is what most customers are after today. Contact centres can then truly become a brand asset to:

  • Prioritise the interactions which need the human touch, to strengthen customer relationships
  • Offer a multi-channel experience that blends human agents with appropriate service
  • Augment agents to promote loyalty through a positive, easy customer experience
  • Use technology – like virtual assistants – to predict customer behaviours and spending patterns
  • Deliver the right level of service, at the right time, and matched to each customer’s needs
  • Customers receive the right level of service at the right time, curated to their specific needs

Winning brands understand that AI and robots, when implemented well, will improve CX at every step of the customer journey. And, as machines and people work together to deliver the best customer experiences and business outcomes, customers will be more engaged and skilled front-line agents valued in their role as brand ambassadors. We believe people matter, and technology helps put certain tasks on autopilot while our people focus their talent and energy on ensuring the client has the right experience. Check out this video to learn more.

To find out how to enhance your customer experience through technology and enhance the human touch, contact us.