6 reasons to work with a Business Process Outsourcing partner

6 reasons to work with a Business Process Outsourcing partner

Your customer experience is your golden ticket to success in the future.  Yet for many organisations, their ability to deliver an excellent experience is held back by a lack of in-house skills, high costs and   pressure to focus on core business activities.

It used to be true that companies would outsource their customer contact centres to save costs.  But in today’s competitive world, most recognise that outsourcing your customer management function delivers cost efficiency and value.

The main drive to outsource

As Merchants General Manager David Jarvis explains, organisations will outsource their customer management function for two reasons:

  1. To save on costs through efficiency
  2. To access specialist expertise which is not core to their business

Through strategic outsourcing, companies have realised the benefits far outweigh the risks, and recognise that outsourcing is now THE way to gain competitive advantage.

Golden currency

Jarvis explains that across the globe, businesses are more aware than ever that CX is a differentiator. ‘CX metrics have become golden currency – where each metric is an important indicator of how importantly customers value your brand.’

This is where customer management experts help you unlock CX for real business value.  He adds,  ‘by knowing which levers to pull, how to manage staff, enhance quality and use the tools of the trade, outsource partners know how to deliver the right people at the right time to deliver the right service.’

The benefits of outsourcing

To gain and maintain market share, businesses are under constant pressure to reduce overheads, cut costs and drive profits to the bottom line. But unless you’re in the business of contact centres, Jarvis points out that competitive pressures mean you need focus your resources where they’re needed most.

‘Whatever the industry, outsourcing partnerships deliver better value and an improved CX through experience and expert guidance.  As well as helping you manage people, reduce overheads and deliver the right service for the right price, a good outsourcer will help you evolve your CX strategy for the future.’

The benefits of outsourcing

  • Control over costs
    By working with an outsourcer, fixed costs become adjustable and labour costs fall
  • Managed risk
    Economic factors and competitor threats can pose a huge business risk; outsourcers keep you aware of the risks and adjust operations to handle them
  • Competitive advantage
    With access to expert advice and tools, outsourcers can ensure tasks are completed faster and with a better quality output
  • Greater innovation
    With access to a larger network with more resources, good outsourcers will always be on the lookout for new ways to enhance your CX
  • Access to specialist expertise
    Outsourcing ticks both boxes when it comes to greater access to specialists, and removing the need to hire in-house experts.
  • Focus on core business
    Rather that focus on support functions, outsourcing gives organisations more time to focus on core business tasks.

What makes a good outsourcer

Cost efficiency is always a good value add, but good relationships are key.  Jarvis explains that outsourcing models have evolved to focus on partnership, ‘you need a partner that understands the fundamentals of CX – where you are unlocking the value, without paying over and above what you should, for the service you want.’

  • A proven track record of performance
  • Cultural alignment to your brand
  • Engagement before appointment to identify customer management and CX issues
  • Robust security and data protection technology
  • Fully scoped and defined solution and service requirements
  • Transition teams to ensure no breaks in service
  • Dedicated account managers and a single point of contact