Merchants is co-winner of Trialogue’s 2018 Strategic CSI Award

Contact Centre experts Merchants has been named the co-winner of the prestigious 2018 Trialogue Strategic CSI Award by collaborating with non-profit organization, Columba Leadership. This programme aims to activate the potential of the youth from underprivileged communities by equipping them with problem-solving, collaboration and communication skills to become future leaders and provide them with an opportunity to be workplace ready.
This award initiated in 2014 to encourage CSI participation and aims to highlight both corporate benefits and social returns and combines the success of the two.

Merchants Transformation Director Sydwell Shikweni said CSI only becomes impactful when it identifies a societal need alongside likeminded individuals who collectively work together to achieve effective social outcomes. A greater social impact is achieved by adding value through developing our youth and investment in education.

Our collaborative approach with Columba has enabled us to nurture leadership, inspire confidence and accelerate the ambitions of young talent.

The pass rate for 2017 matriculants in the programme topped 82%, with a 74% pass rate at diploma or bachelor levels. Three-quarters of the graduates transitioned well from school to further study, work or volunteering.

To read more about this programme, please download the full PDF.