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Merchants is a global contact centre provider and operator and believes in putting your customer in the centre of everything we do. We aim to create jobs for people that otherwise wouldn’t be able to find employment. We pride ourselves in creating sustainable and meaningful futures for our people and communities and creating easy, positive and brilliant customer experiences at every touch point.

With the recent acquisition of Millennium 1 Solutions the community we support has grown and as a Global Contact Centre Provider we wish to focus on the opportunities we can create for the youth in our communities.

Merchants supports the Let Them Play foundation to help spread the importance of physical play time for our children. We believe it helps build leaders of the future and gives youth hope and the fundamental building blocks to create meaningful careers which is what we aim for our people and our communities.

Our Beliefs and why we love Let Them Play:

We believe in individuals having a sense of belonging, a feeling that they matter to one another and have a shared confidence that needs will be met through our commitment to each other. Sports and activities give youth this feeling and help build strong individuals who will success and add value to society.

Our aim is to create an environment that is safe to share ideas and collaborate with each other, where individuals are provided emotional support to feel engaged and connected, where the physical environment is safe. Let Them Play creates these environments where people learn team work and the sharing of goals to achieve success. By supporting this thinking at grassroots, the lessons learnt will be with the individual for a lifetime.

Leadership. Leadership is a calling answered by those who have a passion to be in service to each other and the highest attainment of leaderships is to be an inspiration to those you lead. Let Them Play encourages children to have a passion and to play well with others, we believe this is a vital part of being a future leader.

Our services are often completed while seated and indoors, we encourage our people to take up sport. Let Them Play helps encourage children to start creating healthy habits that will stay with them for life and promote a healthy lifestyle, that can often be missing from office workers.

Our recent acquisition of Millennium 1 Solutions means our commitment to community Spirit has grown. We have a desire to make a difference in the world we live in and we feel strongly this starts with our Youth. Let Them Play focuses on the future of America and keeping children active and passionate is core to creating communities that will drive change.

By supporting the Let Them Play foundation we feel we’re able to help the youth through sports and outdoor activities to be able to focus on achieving greatness in their adulthood and teaches them how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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