Business Continuity

Business Continuity

Protecting your brand and customers’ interests is a top priority for any business.  At Merchants, we take a holistic view of business continuity, through proactive capacity planning.  Our innovative approach means that capacity is always available should you need it.

Partnership for growth

By working with Merchants, your business will enjoy:

Minimal interruption during disasters or major incidents

Highly available designs, where all critical components are duplicated locally

Best practice continuity and capacity planning

Highly available designs

We enable you to take advantage of our highly available designs, where all critical components are duplicated locally. To keep our business continuity model in-country – our data centres serve as geo-redundant failover sites.

Best practice resilience planning

Our best practice approach means we provide  regional separation of sites and dedicated recovery sites to ensure minimal interruption during disasters or major incidents.

Proactive capacity planning

Our innovative approach to capacity planning means that if one centre is unavailable, you can transfer workloads easily to other sites.  That means there’s no need to test disaster recovery sites, because they’re always in use.

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Let’s Work Together

If you are looking for a business partner that stands by your side and is more than just an Outsource provider. Contact us to find the best way to work together.

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