Change is a part of growth

Change is a part of growth and technology is defining our future success.

Every day, in our highly competitive industry, we see technology being used to replace human interaction, but we believe in doing things differently:

We use technology to create the right experiences for people

We’ve always been a people business, and so has Millenium 1 Solutions, so we’re thrilled to expand our family as we focus on human connection.

Staying relevant in a technology-dominant world

In a digital world of ubiquitous connection, we believe there’s more disconnection than ever.
Technology can replace a process, but it doesn’t replace the need for human connection.

It’s why our goal is to use the power of technology, to support and enhance the ability of our people, to make real human connections.

Making digital human

Our success is built on our people – not on better technology or processes. And as a part of a hugely successful global technology company, we’re focused on transforming our people business into a business that uses the right technology to create the right customer experiences.

In June 2018, we welcomed the Millennium1Solutions team on board, and have been working hard to unite our two businesses into one.

Our expanding family of over 8000 passionate customer champions is now ready to offer your business an even wider range of:

  • Flexible sourcing options, across the globe
  • Multi-industry expertise and support
  • Leading technology solutions
  • Highly experienced customer management teams

Keep watching this space as we reveal a brighter, smarter and faster future for our people, clients and the communities we serve.

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